About Mel DeLancey

Mel DeLancey has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in Manhattan for 14 years. Following a physically awkward childhood where her greatest fear was gym class, she earned a degree in musical theater from NYU. While combating the challenges of watching her father die of Diabetes and pursuing a career competitively based on looks she found a safe haven in the gym and learned how to transform her body, simultaneously discovering her self confidence with her muscles. After years of training herself she decided she wanted to help others and became certified as an Advanced Health & Fitness specialist by the American Council for Exercise and as a Personal Trainer by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. Mel worked as a trainer for 6 years at CLAY Gym & Spa where she created the original concept for Recess after her Circuit Training class became too popular for the gym floor and had to be moved to a larger studio. Her original programs have been featured in Shape Magazine, Vogue and TimeOut NewYork. She takes pride in creating safe, inspiring, fun and life-long workouts for all body types, ages, and abilities.